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Avatar Kate Thon
Morning Message -
par Kate Thon, jeudi 2 avril 2020, 09:15

Good morning and welcome to our second day of April!  I was really hoping that the Weather Network was playing an April fool’s joke on us yesterday but it looks like we will need to wait a bit longer for it to start feeling like spring.  I was scrolling through my pictures reminding myself of what green grass looks like (picture of some of the herd) and instantly felt better as we know it’s coming soon and it will feel amazing – stay positive!

Thank you to everyone who has been contacting us to let us know that you’re okay.  If we haven’t heard back from you yet, please call, send an email, or even text the PWEC #587 771-2179.  We won’t be able to reply but it will read as a message and let us know that our message was received and that our contact info is up to date.

We are so proud of our learning community and everything you are doing to keep yourself, your families and those around you healthy and safe. 

Have a wonderful day!