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Picture of Kate Thon

Kate Thon

Picture of Kate Thon

PAVE Teacher

by Kate Thon - Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 12:58 PM

Hello!  My name is Kate Thon, and I am so happy to be one of your teachers.  

I have taught many things and many grade levels over the years (French at every grade from 4  to 12!) and can honestly say I’ve loved every subject and every grade level. I just love getting to know people and working with them to achieve their goals. How about you, what are your favourite courses?  

Some of the less traditional courses I teach, which are both fun and practical, include Harmony with Horses (yes, WITH horses), focusing on communication and relationship-building skills.  If you love animals and can see yourself in a career helping people, talk to me about our Animal Assisted Wellness courses to see if they might be a good fit for you.  

I have quite a menagerie of odd and unusual farm animals at Haywire Ranch, where I live. Their quirky personalities provide many humorous stories, and I can’t wait to share them.  

I look forward to getting to know you, learning what you are passionate about and having a great year working together!